My name is Marco Rizzi, I was born in 1985.
A great year considering the fruits I'm harvesting.

In that year David Bowie debuted with "This is not America",
discouraging the dreams of many, I, fortunately, was too young to listen to the radio.


After graduating in Legal Sciences, I decided to migrate from Bari to follow my family business, a far from Italy, which has become my daily commitment.
So my life is divided between one airport and another, between love and ambition. Then a trip to the States, curiosity, amazement.

At the Metropolitan I am struck by a canvas: Olive trees with yellow sky and sun.
Van Gogh takes me back to Puglia. So I realize, perhaps for the first time, that I don't have a dream yet. I look back, I retrace my way home, I get closer to the roots. And I decide to cultivate one. I start from the earth, a land steeped in history and family tradition, in the Fasano area 


I Change residence. Montalbano.

Small hamlet in the municipality of Fasano, where my grandparents have ennobled and nourished about twelve thousand olive trees, with patience and devotion.

A precious heritage that, with commitment and sacrifice, has allowed me, in recent years, to build an oil mill to take advantage of its sweetest fruits, giving rise to the production of an excellent organic olive oil. Allegretti Oil.
A non-random name, but the surname of a noble family, that of my grandmother, progenitor of the Estates. A passion transmitted to me on the quiet and resurfaced in due time.

I found America here, Bowie! A sphere of primordiality and innovation, as a function of an unconventional crusher, an essential tool for my goals: to enhance the territory through the flavours of my land and to offer an exquisite and organic oil, extracted from native olives and exclusively of my own production, for a means of avant-garde and award-winning technology all over the world since its first year.

The fusion of past and present, this is my method.

The future, instead, is in my oil.

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Allegretti.

Olio Allegretti inherits its agricultural heritage by the Allegretti family and the company, founded in June 2012, stands on the possessions inherited from the progenitor, Francesca Allegretti Cenci, Duchess of Mirabella.

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